Eviction Prevention

Facing Eviction in Maryland? There are Programs to Help

If you have fallen behind on your rent or are facing eviction, there are several programs that can assist you.

Eviction Process from the Maryland Courts

This Q&A from the Maryland Court System can help you understand the steps in the eviction process and know your rights and obligations. Housing Cases | Maryland Courts (mdcourts.gov)

Rent Escrow: When Your Rental Condition is Unsafe

Tenants may use the court’s rent escrow process to force landlords to repair serious or dangerous conditions in the property. If approved by the court, tenants pay rent into an escrow account until a landlord makes repairs. Tenants and non-business landlords may receive free advice, but not representation, from lawyers at the Maryland Court Help Center. Call 410-260-1392 or visit mdcourts.gov/helpcenter

Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Homeowners facing a loss of income due may be eligible for funding to pay their past due rent. Maryland residents may call the Maryland Emergency Rental Assistance Call Center at 877-546-5595 or visit the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (maryland.gov) for information on where to apply.

Access to Counsel in Evictions Program

Certain Maryland residents may qualify for free legal representation in eviction cases through the Access to Counsel program operated by Maryland Legal Services Corporation. Visit Maryland Access to Counsel in Evictions | (legalhelpmd.org) to learn more and see if you qualify.