Maintain and Improve Your Investment

Regular home maintenance protects your financial investment through regular upkeep and is far more economical than paying for major repairs from deferred maintenance.

Ten Tips to Maintain Your Home

  1. Scrape/prep/paint or power-wash house, deck and patio periodically. Clean out flower beds regularly and rake up refuse or leaves; add new mulch and new fresh flowers as required.  Replace outside lights when needed; keep gutters and downspouts clear and in good repair; touch up or replace railings that are rusted or pitted; sweep (or shovel) walkways; clean or paint front door.
  2. Pay attention to indications of possible leaky roofs or other signs of water damage.  Check gutters and downspouts after heavy storms for ice, wind, snow or water damage.
  3. Keep floors and walls clean and repainted periodically.
  4. Wash all windows (inside and out) at least once a year.  Look for needed repairs around windows, including rotting frames and peeling paint.
  5. Establish simple routines for ease of maintenance, low energy use and cleanliness.
  6. Clean and maintain carpets as necessary.
  7. Fix whatever is broken immediately, even small things such as loose doorknobs, wobbly hinges, stuck windows, cracked glass or mirrors.  Small maintenance jobs can quickly become an overwhelming “to do” list and cause even more serious damage if left unfixed.
  8. Paint and polish on a regular schedule. A small investment in paint, stain or polyurethane will restore faded walls and worn woodwork.
  9. Find a reliable plumber. Periodically check for leaking faucets, decreases in water pressure. Clear out drains so that sinks empty freely.
  10. Do not let the attic, garage or basement get cluttered. Clean closets each season, so that they are neat and well organized. Always look at your house through the eyes of a potential buyer. You want to feel that you would buy this house again and again!

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